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An epic story about the deep roots behind the rise and fall of the Aryan movement.

The Sycamore Tree, a psychological thriller, captures opposing views regarding the Nazi invasion of Europe during World War II. The two primary characters, Alexander Jaworski, a Polish Jew, and Hans Werner, the son of a Nazi Soldier, both only thirteen at the time of the movement become involved in an ideological war. Alexander and his family were sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp, where he endures physical and psychological pain but survives a series of tragedies, including the loss of his entire family. During the same timeframe, Hans Werner is in training to serve as a future leader of the Aryan movement.

After the war, Alexander attends college in the United States, studies medicine, and vows to discover a cure for cancer. While in college, he develops a close friendship with Peter Schmidt, a student from Germany. Little does Alexander know that the true identity of his friend is Hans Werner, who is operating as a spy for the Aryan Movement. Working together, they become successful doctors and conduct medical research. Years later, as a prestigious researcher, Alexander learns the sickening truth that his friend had been using him for years as a pawn in an international game of espionage. The painful betrayal leads to deceit and murder.



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